About Us

Derrit And Ashley opened Therapeutic Royal Massage in November 2011. However, the couple have known one another since the age of 8 years old. Neither one knew of the other pursuing massage therapy. Both graduated  6 months apart; Derrit being the first in the year 2009. followed by obtaining his Real-estate license in November 2016 

As they pursued their business ideas and dreams they were gifted with two sons on the way that also love to learn about massage.  

As a family  Derrit,  Ashley, Elijah  and Seth love spending quality time together playing outside, swimming, reading books and cooking. 

T.R.M. loves to help build flexibility and increase mobility in the muscles.

At T.R.M. we are trained and filled with knowledge and experience in how the body operates and the best way to treat and relax your muscles with customized techniques tailored to your needs. 

We love to help and we love to massage and we love to enhance the quality of your life!